Light FX & Flares Bundle
Light FX & Flares Bundle
Light FX & Flares Bundle

Ethan.J Design

Light FX & Flares Bundle

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For the people who saw the Lens Flare and Light FX packs and thought 'Man, I wish there was a way to buy both packs in one place'.
Over 100 elements from the 2 packs combined in 1 place, because people are lazy and don't like clicking a lot of buttons.

You also save money buying the bundle, that doesn't help me in any way but its a  good reason to buy from a consumer stand point.

Whats Included?
- Lens Flare Pack: 50 custom high-res lens flares
- Light FX Pack: 50 custom lens objects and 19 light leak images
All at 4K resolution (3840x2160px)

Use this packs contents in any of your graphics? Tag #EthanJDesign so I can see!